The Liberty Fund | Client Success Stories
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Client Success Stories

Success Stories


Bernie C.


Bernie is an excellent example of overcoming adversity, thanks to The Liberty Fund. He was upbeat and energized that The Liberty Fund had the opportunity to bail him out.


In working with him, Bernie revealed that if it wasn’t for The Liberty Fund on the night of his arraignment, he would have lost the chance to get custody of his children. He was determined to do whatever it took to get them. When Bernie was overwhelmed about the circumstances, he would contact The Liberty Fund for support during the process, and to him to keep thinking positive and persevere.


His fortitude paid off. Bernie’s case has been now sealed, and everything went well with the Administration for Child Services.  As a result, the Judge granted him full custody of his children! This positive outcome was made possible due to the important work of The Liberty Fund.



Mr. James


Mr. James is ever so grateful for The Liberty Fund Bail Program. He continuously expresses his gratitude to the bail associate that paid his bail. He states that he was in jeopardy of not completing his training program, losing permanent housing, and the opportunity to earn a more favorable income.


Before Mr. James’s arrest, he was more than halfway through a six months HVAC certificate training program. He was in his fourth month in the program, and all were at risk if incarcerated. With assistance from The Liberty Fund, he was able to complete the training and receive an HVAC certificate without interruption.


After Mr. James received his certificate, he was able to secure a job with a heating and air conditioning company through the HVAC job placement. Now he has a more stable position, and his income doubled.


Because of Mr. James’s income, he qualified for a three bedroom apartment through an affordable housing program. He is happy that he, his pregnant wife and two children live in a spacious and comfortable apartment. He says it much better than the one bedroom they lived in prior.


Mr. James says his family couldn’t afford to pay his bail and if it weren’t for The Liberty Fund, his dreams of making a better future for him and his family would not have been possible if he remained in jail.





“I just got my son back last week after winning custody in court after I finished my seven months in a drug program. I don’t wanna go back to Rikers. Please help me go home. I swear I’m coming to court. My kids need me and need to know I am there for them. This was such a big mistake I will never do again.”


“I just finished my State time a few months back. I didn’t do what police said, I was just trying to get money so I wouldn’t jump turnstile. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance. I can’t go back inside. I’m on meds and they would have given me wrong stuff I know it. Plus this would have hurt me being able to recertify my housing voucher because they make you do that in person.”


“Getting out lets me keep my construction job and also help my girlfriend take the kids to school.”


“I just started a new job last month and no doubt they would have fired me if I missed days so soon. I’m glad a company like Liberty Fund exists otherwise I’d be at Rikers which I heard is crazy bad.”