The Liberty Fund | Mission & History
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Mission & History

Mission Statement


The Liberty Fund is dedicated to reducing the number of New Yorkers subjected to unnecessary pretrial detention while simultaneously providing much needed social services to this population.  We will achieve this by providing bail and case management services to any qualifying client throughout the pendency of their court case. The Liberty Fund will reduce the pretrial jail population, prevent the poorest New Yorkers from having their lives upended and their freedom sacrificed, and provide support in order to avoid future interactions with the criminal justice system.





The Liberty Fund was originally established as New York City’s first city-wide charitable bail fund, founded in partnership with New York City Council, its Committees on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, and Councilmembers Keith Powers and Rory Lancman; the founder and president of The Doe Fund, George McDonald; and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. 


The Liberty Fund is a citywide charitable bail fund dedicated to reducing pretrial detention due to the inability to post bail. As misdemeanor bail is drastically reduced in January 2020, The Liberty Fund will build upon our charitable bail program and pivot to the ROR Case Management Program as a proactive response to this monumental reform effort. The ROR Case Management Program aims to provide pretrial, voluntary, person-centered case management and court reminders to individuals released on their own recognizance (ROR).