The Liberty Fund | Mission & History
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Mission & History

Mission Statement


The Liberty Fund is dedicated to reducing the number of New Yorkers subjected to pretrial detention due to their inability to post bail. We will achieve this by providing bail to any qualifying client who’s charged with a misdemeanor and cannot afford to pay bail when it’s set at $2000 or less. The Liberty Fund will reduce the pretrial jail population and will prevent the poorest New Yorkers from having their lives and freedom upended by a misdemeanor charge.





The Liberty Fund was established as part of a city-led strategy to reduce the number of people detained on bail of $2,000 or less. George McDonald, Founder and President of The Doe Fund, and the New York City Council, identified the need for New York City to lead the way by establishing a citywide charitable bail fund.


Today, The Liberty Fund operates as an independent 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization consisting of 10 licensed bail bond agents. It is the first citywide charitable bail fund in New York City and the only organization that covers arraignments each day until the close of court for the evening–with bail bond agents posted at four courthouses every night of the year from 6pm until 1am. This ensures that individuals arraigned late at night can have bail posted on their behalf and avoid pre-trial detention in Rikers Island.